Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 3/21/18
Come on Spring, we're waiting...
1 - Despite today being the first full day of Spring there is a chance for snow in the forecast at week's end. Your Local 4 News Pinpoint Forecast is here.
2 - Illinois held it's primary election yesterday...
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 2/1/18
Rabbit, rabbit!; Cold and windy; Win tickets to see The Guess Who at Rhythm City @ 7:20 and 4:20; Cross-state play comes to area high school football; Craig's ?: Who was your first crush?
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 11/6
Let's not let this gloomy November morning get us down.
1 - Cloudy skies and cool temps for this Monday. We should see some sun by tomorrow afternoon. Forecast details are here.
2 - The Bettendorf Bulldogs advanced to the state football semi-finals with a win on Friday...
Craig's List: 4 Things to Know - 10/20
Enjoy the last warm, sunny day before autumn reminds us what she's all about.
1 - It will feel like August rather than autumn today with sunny skies and a high of 77º. Fall will show its true colors by Sunday after some weekend showers...

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