Tainted Gas in Northeast Iowa
Officials are warning consumers of some tainted gas that was distributed in northeast Iowa.
According to reports, some diesel gas was accidentally mixed with regular 87 Octane gas and could affect the vehicles of those who unwittingly pumped it...
IL Gas Station Over-Charging
It's not uncommon for gas stations to raise the price of gas just before the holiday weekend, but a station in Belvidere, IL took price-gouging to the extreme this week.
A woman noticed that after pumping just 2/3 of a gallon that the price on the pump read $7757...
How Far Can You Drive on Empty and Should You?
I can only remember tempting the fates and trying to make it to the gas station on fumes just once. I ended up stuck at the side of the freeway, in winter, in the dark. Not fun, or smart.
Despite most modern vehicles having a 'countdown' display telling you how many miles you can travel bef…