Hey guys, great news, we no longer have to work out to be in great shape!

Ok, I know what you're thinking but hear me out. A new study out of England has recently found that taking a HOT bath will give you all the same benefits of working out, things such as lower blood pressure, jump starts your metabolism, and even burns calories.

The study found that taking a half-hour bath burns 140 calories which are equivalent to walking for a half-hour. Now a bath doesn't burn as many calories as going to the gym and taking part in intense exercise and there are some health benefits that you can only get from exercise but sitting in a bath and burning calories is certainly better than nothing.

According to the research when your body is exposed to intense workouts or heat your body will release proteins, hence the similarities between the two.

excuse me while I go get ready to burn calories for the next three days. This working out thing is easy.