The Davenport Education Association unanimously passed a resolution opposing a proposal by the Davenport Community School District to outsource educational- support professional positions. The district hopes outsourcing these positions might save some money.

When it comes to saving money from outsourcing I'm not a fan. I'm the son of two teachers; the nephew of three college professors, two teachers and a former principal. I spent my youth around a lot of educators including people who worked in support positions. These educators were every bit as important to the schools where they worked as the teachers were.

In addition, one of my friends has two children in the Chicago Public Schools who are diabetic. My friend has worried herself sick over the care of her diabetic children because the CPS has outsourced school nurses.

This outsourcing has placed her children's health at risk because there are times there are no nurses at her kids' schools; or nurses come and go so quickly they're completely unfamiliar with the needs of my friend's kids. A dedicated school nurse familiar with the students who routinely need his or her help would create a much safer environment for all students who need regular help dealing with a medical issue

That's a prime example of where outsourcing of positions can go wrong. Toby Paone, UniServ director at Iowa State Education Association told the Quad City Times that "schools are community centers. The people who work in them have a strong sense of community."

According to the National Education Association many school support professionals live near the schools where they work, and work there for their entire career. Traits that help create that strong sense of community Paone talked to the paper about. It also gives students another positive adult in their lives who may be able to teach them and influence their lives for the better.

I think there's significant value in that. Especially in our community where we seem to have a teen car theft and violence issue; do we really want to remove adults invested in the schools and communities they work? I certainly don't think that's a good idea.