Who was in Rock Island over the weekend?

You ever wonder what happens to previous contestants from NBC's The Voice. Well, I got to experience that Saturday night at Red Rodeo in The District, Rock Island over the weekend.

Season 3, #teamblake talent, Casey Muessigmann showed the QC, in person, what it is he does that turned Blake Shelton's head just a few years ago.

Casey and his band brought everything you would expect. He covered some songs and brought many of his own, including 'Fireball' off of his latest, independent album. (see video below)

You couldn't ask to encounter a nicer, humble guy in this industry. Casey has an underdog story that makes you continue to root for him time and and time again. Not only is he a native of western Iowa, he managed to be one of the very few contestants who walked in to the auditions, cold. This means he didn't have anybody recommending him from talent agencies or other music outlets. He had also sustained a wrestling injury in college, which ultimately pushed him even further into his faith, his family and his music.

I had a great time talking with Casey both on and off-air and I am sure we'll be hearing more from this guy. I also got to meet Country Two Piece,  who opened for Casey and will be joining us again, Saturday, March 12th again at Red Rodeo in Rock Island, as we celebrate St. Patty's Day with Love and Theft.