With some of the snowy, colder temps moving in, there are several spicy ways you can warm up the next couple of days in the Q.C.

Cuddling feels the best when it's just chilly enough in the air that a little warmth, for the heart and soul, just feels good. When you get that close, well, you may as well just kiss.


Isn't kissing great? It's one of the best things. I know, maybe I'm not supposed to be talking about this or maybe it's a little too personal, but really, it's exactly what was on my mind. Welcome to 'It Popped in Joni's Mind' today!

It was all really inspired by a trip I took to LA this weekend. The topic of the hit show, 'Sex and the City' came up. A group of friends and I were trying to figure out which character we were. Yes, even the guys. We had 'Carrie', 'Miranda', 'Charlotte', and 'Samantha' to choose from.


In one of the episodes, Carrie talked about 'the kissing guy'. You don't take him home, you don't really date, you just kiss. This would be the part where you would actually need places to kiss. By buildings, on walks, in the park, at the beach. Wherever. Kissing is like a lost or fine art, depending on how you look at it.


There are some pretty great places in the Quad Cities to kiss. A couple of places I have been kissed were quite romantic. One was along the Mississippi under the moon and another was a quaint, little park overlooking the river in the Village of East Davenport. Some kisses just stand out. Some kisses I will never about and others, well, I'd rather forget.

Where have you had some of your best kisses in the Quad Cities?

I am gathering and making a list as we speak, of the best lookout and make out places and I want to know yours.

Here are 3 that I think are great so far.

1. Sunset Marina, Rock Island.

There is a special little spot there. It's called the Sunset Lookout. Since I am a huge fans of sunsets, well, the two seem to go hand-in-hand, or, well, kiss-to-kiss. With beautiful scenery all around and the reflections on the water, a little kiss just adds to experience.

2. LeClaire Park, Davenport, IA.

It's along the river, has so much vibe to it and is right next to Modern Woodmen Park. The ambience, the low walkway lighting at night and the historical feel of the band shell, all make it a perfect place for a daytime picnic or a midnight kiss under the stars.

3. Blackhawk State Park, Rock Island, in the fall

Seasonal kissing places apply. I think there is beauty to be found in so many times of the year and in every season, it's kissable. One of my favorite quotes about being in the moment is 'Do not begrudge winter because it is not yet spring.' While it's a constant effort to flow in that mindset, I think it's worth taking note.

And here, I thought I abandoned the silly notion of being a romantic girl. Damn.