See fall come alive in the Quad Cities.

It's easily one of my favorite seasons. I only wish we had it around for a lot longer.

These pics put me right, smack-dab in the middle of the nostalgia of everything I love about autumn. The colors are luscious, the way the sunsets look different than summer's, the hues of light that hit the background of a chilly, watery scene, it all makes me want to hold on. But as I wrote last month, fall is the season of letting go.

Quad Cities photographer and owner of Alchemist Images, Seth James of Moline, IL., takes all kinds of pictures of his adventures in and around the Q.C. He's known for his love of travel and the outdoors and for the beauty found in nature he captures. From sunsets, to waterfalls, James shares the way he sees the world through the eyes of his camera lens.