You'll be surprised which cities have the most divorces.

As much as we love marriages, sadly, nearly 50% of them end in the Big D. Including, yours truly. It is by far, one of the harder things to experience in life.

Accorcding to Find the Home, Iowa ranked lower than Illinois, coming in at #27.  The Iowa city that is the 'Divorce Capital?'  Mason City. With a population of 27, 775 people, 15.6% of marriages there end in divorce.

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Illinois, on the other hand, ranked #18 of 50. No surprise there. What did surprise me was that it didn't rank any higher.  The top city?  Danville, which is located about 40 mins east of Champaign-Urbana, IL. where I landed my first morning show, years ago. Stay on I-74 east and you'll run right into Danville, IL. just before crossing into Indiana. The population in Danville, IL. is 32,483 with a divorce rate of 16.4%.

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There could be worse places and, well, there are.  Maybe avoiding these towns (and ALL the other things that contribute to divorce) can help save marriages. There is, of course, another step. How about not getting married at all? Just a thought!