For over as decade, an old high school buddy and I took in a Cubs game at Wrigley Field as part of our annual 'Mancation.' More often than not the Cubs lost. I can only remember singing 'Go Cubs Go' once or twice during those years. And that was OK. It was the way we had all come to expect it. It was the way it was supposed to be with the Cubs. They exemplified effort that was rarely ever crowned with success. Like us, they moved hopefully, relentlessly ever forward, never quite reaching their goal.

All that changed last night.

Everything that has ever been associated with being a Cubs fan, and in many cases a Chicagoan, evaporated in the Fall air of an early November morning in Cleveland. And is there a more fitting second stage for that to occur than Cleveland - a city with its own sports ghosts?

In one of the most thrilling sports contests ever, the Chicago Cubs erased a reputation as Lovable Losers, and made the motto 'next year' suddenly irrelevant.

What will homemade signs at the season opener at Wrigley Field say come April? Maybe 'this year, again?' Who knows.

For now, after 108 years, the Chicago Cubs are World Series champions. It still seems odd to say - to get used to. But, repeat it. Let it roll around your tongue. You've got lots of time. Pitchers and catchers don't report for another 102 days.