Looking for a place that feels like Ireland this St. Patrick's Day? We've got you covered.

Everybody's looking for that traditional Irish feel this time of year.  There are plenty of Irish pubs out there, but few that really make you feel like you're overseas.

Check out our list of the best Irish pubs in the Quad Cities!

1. Kelly's Irish Pub - Davenport, IA

I honestly don't know anyone who's been to Kelly's and didn't enjoy themselves.  Great food, great beer and a great atmosphere.  Can't beat that combination.

2. Hook's Pub - Clinton, IA

Anyone who's been to Hook's can tell you the music is what keeps them coming back.  Hook's has live music on a regular basis and enough beer for an Army.  An outstanding Irish atmosphere that's only a short drive from the metro.

3. Kilkenny's Pub - Davenport, IA

Located in the heart of downtown Davenport, Kilkenny's mixes class with a traditional Irish feel.  The location and long double-sided bar make this a great place to stop and have a pint, or five.

4. Stout's - Clinton, IA

Famous for their great Guiness stew, Stout's has the beer and food to make you feel like you're in Ireland.  A short drive from the QC to feel like you just traveled across the pond.

5. O'Keefe's - Moline, IL

By far the smallest pub on this list.  What O'Keefe's lacks in size it makes up for in atmosphere.  A big outdoor patio makes this a great place to go when it's nice out.