Last week we showed you which neighborhoods were considered to be the most dangerous in the Quad Cities, but this week we're looking at the other end of the spectrum.

Any guesses as to the safest part of the QC? If you said Bettendorf, you'd be correct. Again, is anyone surprised? The old joke is that nothing ever happens in Bettendorf, so apparently that includes crime. Based on the reported number of violent crimes and property crimes in relation to the number of residents, Bettendorf scored a 55, meaning it's safer than 55% of all other cities in the United States. Not half bad, Bettendorf.

As for the safest part of the safest city, has dubbed the area around Utica Ridge Rd/Crow Creek Rd to be the place you are most likely to avoid confrontation. Check out this map to see how the rest of them rank.

For most people, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but for others, it just means Bettendorf is super boring. However you look at it, these are the stats. For the record, at least the other cities aren't bad as Davenport. The rankings are as follows:

Bettendorf: 55

East Moline: 29

Rock Island: 25

Moline: 14

Davenport: 8

Again, these numbers are out of 100, with 100 being safest, so each ranking is the percentage of cities in the United States that are less safe. Not that big of a deal; just another perspective on the area we all call home.

Follow this link for more information on Bettendorf's safety ranking.