Did you know the City of Davenport sells wooden furniture made from local trees?

Davenport's Urban Wood Utilization Program keeps trees cut down through forestry operations from being simply turned into mulch or compost.

Wooden Bench/City of Davenport

In the past, when a tree was cut down by the city it was generally chipped for mulch. Today, the natural beauty of some of these trees is no longer being lost to life as mulch, instead high quality lumber is being milled and repurposed for flooring and a variety of furnishings such as benches and tables.

Wooden Furniture/City of Davenport

In the Urban Wood Utilization program, quality logs are selected and then milled. The lumber is rough sawn and then air dried before being made available to the public for purchase. The money raised from lumber sales goes to the city's General Fund which accounts for the majority of the Forestry Division's Operating Budget. In the long run, funds received through the sale of this lumber help plant more trees and perform beautification projects in the city.

Approximate Prices:

  • Collapsible Lawn Chair, $50
  • Kentucky Stick Chair, $75
  • Unfinished Leopold Style Bench, $200
  • Finished Leopold Style Bench, $300
  • Milled Lumber - call to check on availability and pricing

Questions, or to Schedule an Appointment:  Call 563.326.7896, 7:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Friday - Except Holidays