Lo and behold, it begins.

Just when I thought I didn't want to avoid I-74 any more than I already do, there is construction. Tis the season with that. It's 'officially' Spring. I know, the snow last week screwed us all up, as did the nearly freezing temps during the evenings.

There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that lets us know warmer weather is certainly on it's way, than construction. (I say that with the moan and groan we all have once we are greeted with the neon-orangeness that is construction.)


According to the Illinois DOT, work on I-74 is set to start tomorrow (March 28). This work will divert traffic to the inside lanes while outside lanes on both sides of the twin bridges will be closed. In addition, both the ramps on Third Avenue and River Drive will be closed. Finally if drivers are headed to Illinois, the State Street exit will also be closed.

Plan ahead, take a different route, drink an extra cup of coffee, bring your meditations and affrimations along, listen to Fitz in the Morning for a few good laughs along the way and be ready for your I-74 commute this morning. You're gonna need a little extra sumthin-sumthin, most of us rarely have anyway. Time.

Be sure to get back with me on how you found some extra, ok? I'd love to know how to make more of it.