I love a good Irish brogue as much as the next gal.

When the spirit of St. Patrick is in the air, some of us go with it. We wear green, drink green beer and stouts like it's going out of style and some of us try to brave and perfect, the ol' Irish accent.

Personally, I love guy with an accent. It's right up my alley of fun, funny and intriguing. I can never stay 'in character' long enough with out losing the accent or laughing, to actually sound believable. I have some friends who can and we've had much fun over the years with calls and talking to people in the accent.

But what would happen if you started speaking in the accent and could never go back to your normal voice? Strange but true, that very thing happened to one woman in Oregon after dental surgery.

One minute, she's knocked out with anesthesia, and whens he woke up and was able to speak, lo and behold she was Irish-ready 24/7. Doctors are calling this phenomena 'foreign accent syndrome' and speculate it is caused by something neurological that occurs during surgery, like a stroke or trauma.