When friends and family come to visit me in the QC, this is what I have to answer for.

According to Movoto.com, there are some things "out-of-towners" should know before they come here to visit. I couldn't agree more! Movoto's list nailed so many of the Quad Cities-truths.

Having to explain these three things (or more depending on the guest) is pretty repetitive.  Movoto.com's full list (get it HERE) reminded me of top subjects, without fail, I talk about with visitors, over and over again.

1. Yes, you will need a spoon with that crumbly sandwich.

When loose meat is served to my friends, they look at me weird. It's kind of a mix between a snarky-eye and death stare. Once we get past that first Maid-Rite bite, all is usually well in the world again. Until we move on to taco pizza.


2. Taco Pizza is nothing to be feared.

Don't quote me on this, but, I think (believe, choose to believe and will almost always believe) that this glorious, crunchy and delightfully satisfying pizza originated right here, in the Quad Cities. If you tell me otherwise, I may have to revert to said looks in point 1 above. Jus' sayin'. You've been warned.


Taco pizza the perfect combination of our favorite foods and it has yet to disappoint. My personal favorite happens to be from Happy Joe's.

3. Yes, I am aware that 'Quad' = 4.

"Quad" Cities, does technically mean there are 'four cities.' However, in this part of the midwest, 4 really means 5. Perhaps that is the foundation for my lack of love for math? However, there is no less love for the QC. It's five and we're sticking to it. Because "Quint" cities doesn't quite roll off the tongue as easily.