Someone grab me a cape! You ever wish you had a camera crew to document all you can get done in one-hour?

I'll admit it. Today, i feel like tootin my own horn. Not because I want to be all in your face and prideful about anything. No. That's not it. It's because I, somehow, by the Grace of the Almighty Himself, was able to experience a very rare occurance this morning. Let's call it 'extreme productivity.' As a busy parent, you may be able to relate to this.

There's nothing like that feeling of personal satisfaction. You feel accomplished. You feel organized (I say that laughing, knowing it's not as true for most of us as we wish it were), you feel like you finally have your $%^& together and may the grace of God be upon anyone who tries to stand in your way today! These are rare, but GREAT days.

So what happened that was so special? Here's a list of what I got done in under an hour today.
* Woke up children
* Everyone got ready, including me, quickly.
* Breakfast (even if I was throwing it at them like you toss peanuts at an elephant at the zoo!)
* Bags packed and coats on
* Started car to warm up the inside because the tundra is still ever-present here in midwest. Can't have cold kiddos!
* Scheduled several appointments, which included being put on hold and call ended just as I entered a cell free zone. Perfect timing!
*Dropped off 1 kiddo at school
*Drove and dropped 2 more kiddos off at school
*Ate my own breakfast on the way
*Got to work a little early

I am thankful and grateful for how things went today. Nothing too impressive to some, but sometimes for busy mamas who just want everything to go smoothly in the morning, on the days things do and everyone cooperates, it's worth celebrating! It's worth talking about. It's just the appreciation of the little, 'big' things.