So we are smack dab in the middle of our summer road construction here in the Quad Cities, so all of our wonderful roads have become congested and crammed full of crazy obstacles and new routes. Its almost become a new tradition in our cities, but the real facts are that it causes us to hate driving and hate everyone around us. Haha.

But what could make all of this even worse than it already is? How about having a bad passenger in your car making things ten times harder on you, a new survey has just made a list of the top ten things you should NOT be doing

1.  Messing with the volume on the car stereo.  (should be on 104.9 the Hawk ;-) )

2.  Warning you about potentially dangerous things in the road.

3.  Letting out some nervous gasps.

4.  Commenting on how fast or slow you're going.

5.  Messing with the air or heat.

6.  Criticizing your parking job.

7.  Telling you to change lanes.

8.  Pretending to step on the brake.

9.  Opening or closing the windows.

10.  Criticizing your route.

If you would like the full breakdown of the survey and to see how the find out each of these items on the list CLICK HERE. Nobody likes a backseat driver guys.