Did you attend this teen dance club in the late 80s/early 90s?

Let's travel down memory lane, tight-roll our Guess jeans and grab the Rave hairspray (#4 extra-hold, of course!)  and see if you, your friends, or your parents hit up this dance party.

Stage 2 in Bettendorf was THE hottest club in the Quad Cities when I was kid. I couldn't wait to get a few years older so I could go.  I remember watching this on T.V., daydreaming of the years ahead where I could look like these cool kids and dance like them too.

I grew up listening to Rock Island's, Power 98.9 (that's 'point' 9) and it's what ultimately made me fall in love with radio and make a career of it.

Here are the Top 5 moments from this 1989 Dance Machine broadcast. Don't forget to Tag your friends if you went.

1. Oh these dance moves!


2. It's Hammer-time!


3. Interviews

 4. Break it Down!

5. The best haircut ever. It puts mullets and rat tails to shame.