Cinco De Mayo, the day we all indulge in great Mexican food and beer.  Personally, enchiladas are one of my favorite foods period.  They're definitely my favorite thing to get at a Mexican restaurant.

So, who has the best enchiladas in the Quad Cities, according to Yelp?

1. Nally's Kitchen - Davenport, IA (5/5 stars)

Multiple reviewers on Yelp LOVE the enchiladas at Nally's.  Specifically, the chicken enchiladas are a common favorite.

2. La Primavera - Moline, IL (4.5/5 stars)

Reviewers say La Primavera has the "freshest" tasting enchiladas in the area, as well as great beans and rice to go along side.

3. LaCasa Mexican Grill - Moline, IL (4/5 stars)

People can't rave enough about the enchiladas at LaCasa.  Called "to die for" and "addicting".

4. Habanero's Mexican Cuisine - Moline, IL (4/5 stars)

Reviewers specifically love the enchiladas poblanas and chicken enchiladas in mole.

5. Los Agaves - Davenport & Moline (4/5 stars)

Almost every review mentions enchiladas somewhere.  Many satisfied customers love the many different kinds of enchiladas available.