Michael Blann

Well, we all know weddings are the biggest day in many lives of woman all across the world, and with wedding day planning comes many headaches and things to worry about.

Some of the worries are absolutely understandable, things like 'is the DJ going to be good?' 'Did the cake get done in time? etc. Those worries are what all the brides have, but, then there are the brides who worry about everything that doesn't really make sense at all or is kind of laughable.

The top 5 crazy things that brides will worry about are:

1.  36% worry that people will realize they stole ideas off social media.

2. 33% worry the wedding won't look great in Facebook photos. (NO TAN LINES )

3.  20% worry that the professional photos of them won't look as good as their selfies.

4. 16% worry the best man will do something crazy at the reception.

5. And 10% worry their bridesmaids won't fit into their dresses.

The survey also found 41% of women would be upset if everything at their wedding didn't go PERFECT.

Now as a wedding DJ in the Quad Cities for about 12 years I must say I have seen many of these things on the list with my own eyes. These worries don't really come from the bride always, more often than not you have to deal with the mothers and aunts, they are the ones who really run the show. Ha ha.

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