You guys know that dreaded time frame right after our lunch breaks, the one where time literally seems to freeze and the end of the workday becomes a distant dream? Well apparently, it happens to most of us all around the same exact time, and that time is 2:22 P.M. and this feeling can happen at least three times in a week.

Here are the top ten reasons why we become completely useless and are not able to function at work in the middle of the afternoon:

1.  The office is too warm.

2.  You didn't get enough sleep the night before.

3.  An overwhelming amount of work.

4.  Boredom.

5.  It's hot outside.

6.  You ate too much for lunch.

7.  You're coming down after a crazy or busy morning.

8.  Dehydration.

9.  Worrying about money problems.

10.  Eating unhealthy food for lunch.

And the top three ways people try to break through their slump are going outside to get fresh air, drinking coffee, or taking another break.

So next time after lunch, you have a few options, is the way I see it. Either you bring a RedBull, or you bring a pillow, and as always the radio might help you make it through as well.

Get the full rundown of each of the items listed right HERE