Snow is predicted on Halloween this year, which obviously will impact trick-or-treating for QC families.

That's why it's probably a good idea that two Illinois towns are rescheduling trick-or-treating from Thursday to Saturday.

Local News 4 reports that the Rock Falls Police Department made a Facebook post announcing the switch.

There were plenty of negative reactions to the post, with parents and family members saying the new hours are causing a big inconvenience. Others said they appreciated the change.

In response, the police department said,

“The decision to move the official Trick or Treat hours to Saturday was made for several reasons,” the Facebook post read. “Yes, we understand there is going to be inconvenience caused. However, the Police Department and Mayor in both cities felt that based on the potential for snow and winds during the evening hours it would be safest to postpone the event. This decision was based on the weather forecasts available this (Tuesday) morning. We know the forecast may ultimately change, but if the decision were to be put off until tomorrow or Thursday, there may have been insufficient time to proper notifications.

Lots of churches and other businesses plan to host indoor activities on Thursday night so area kids can still get their Halloween fix.

As of right now, 1-3 inches of snow are expected to arrive on Thursday, but anything could happen between now and Halloween. QC trick-or-treating times remain in effect.

Whether you plan on trick or treating or not, bundle up and get the shovels ready.