If you're a driver or user of these services, there are new rules in Iowa.

I know many people who use services like Uber and Lyft but also know many who don't. I guess 'will not' would be a more accurate statement. It's mostly people who either don't have the app or who are cautious when it comes to other people they don't know driving them.

As we were told growing up, "Never get into a car with a stranger."

Thanks to technology, that has changed for most people.

Governor Branstad passed a law today in Iowa that would require background checks and other requirements for Uber and Lyft drivers, two of the most popular and most used transportation apps today.

According to KWQC.com,

"The law establishes a new regulatory system for companies that let people use smartphones to pay for prearranged rides. It will require liability insurance for vehicles, add background checks for drivers and change licensing expectations. State regulators would also have the authority to ensure compliance.

A representative for Uber says the new law mirrors similar legislation enacted in more than two dozen other states. The industry, which is still fairly new, has faced criticism over concerns about public safety for customers."