Some drives are worth taking.

As spring weather nears (At least I'm banking on it: Stay away Old Man Winter).  I am one who likes to take adventures. I am 'that girl' who will drive two hours for a great meal from a highly recommended restaurant. I will drive two hours for a great cup of coffee with an old friend or drive that far to see antique shops and art.

What can I say? I'll go chasin' waterfalls and stick to the rivers and the lakes that I'm used to (Yes, TLC fans, I 'went there'.)There is beauty all around, if you just look. My Dad and I used to take drives, blaring the music (usually classical), singing opera or the Mamas and the Papas, learning harmonies and just enjoy the moments. That is why I love scenic drives. Great music, beautiful scenery and learning to 'just be.' We don't seem to do much of that anymore in our plugged-in worlds.

We live in the mid-west, where, it seems beauty, like waterfalls (think Niagara or fresh springs in the mountains) are non-existent. Are they?

I was amazed to find out Illinois has all kinds of beautiful waterfalls and they are located all over the state!

Next time you get antsy or anxious and feel like a great drive, try this scenic route. Get the full map HERE.