Keith Urban and Luke Bryan had to get their start somewhere.

Red Rodeo in Rock Island is bringing Nashville to the Quad Cities. Every time I end up thinking they brought some of the best performers I've see yet, they go and out do themselves.

It's been a great year of entertainment so far in the live, local, country music scene. I have met, hung out, sang with and most of all, laughed with so many new friends and all have been wonderful musicians and artists coming through the Quad Cities.

Grayson, for instance, is a talent out of Nashville. I was contacted to do an interview with him and when he called me 'mate', I was hooked and knew the interview would be good. You can imagine my surprise when I found out what a success he was in Europe, having been on major tours and was now starting again in the U.S. Grayson came in to the Hawk studios and sang for us a bit and then performed at Kavanaugh's on the hilltop in Rock Island, Friday night. I was thoroughly pleased with how amazing and easy his sound is. He just a natural born, can-do-anything-talent with a new single release, '10,9,8,7...'

Friday night I checked a local favorite, Dirt Road Rockers. Those guys have a long history in the QC but are also a national act, too. They were at Red Rodeo with a film crew working on a video. It was a loud, high energy, great fun kind of night. It always with these guys.

Red Rodeo, Rock Island

Saturday night is still rocking my boots. Tyler Hammond and crew had the house screaming with the first song. I have not seen that kind of high energy show at Red Rodeo yet. The covers they did, the moves he danced, (dear lawdy I've not seen a country artist move like Tyler Hammond can! He even gives Luke Bryan a run for his money) and the overall energy of the show was completely dynamic. We heard songs from his new album 'Take a Sip' and anything from Blink 182 to Nelly.

These boys know how to put on a show. I officially let my hair down. Bobby pins were flying. I never sweat so much at a show. I still had a great time, even knowing my hair was a mess and my makeup wore off hours ago. I danced the entire time and sang so much I was just happy to have a voice to go on-air with today.

The pics speak for themselves. Tyler Hammond will be back at Red Rodeo in Rock Island, June 4th. You have to come see this live show for yourselves. I am not joking when I say, LOCASH was the only other show that blew my mind like this. Tyler is on the brink of absolute country stardom. Catch him while you can in the Quad Cities.