New details emerge in teen murder that shook Rock Island in April.

It broke my heart (and still does) to blog about a murder in the Rock Island community. As a Mom, seeing the lives of children gone, is a painful tragedy no parent should ever have to face and I have been deeply impacted by this story.

Jescie Armstrong, just 15 years old was killed by gunshot wound to the head. 17 year old, Kire Carr, after running and then being found by police in Ohio, has been charged with murder. But did you know there was a third person involved in this?

According to,

Newly released court records indicate that a second victim was in the home at the time. The affidavit says 19-year old Trey Gustafson was shot in the buttocks and wounded. It also indicates that Gustafson was struggling with Carr and the gun when the gun went off.

The affidavit also says what is believed to be marijuana and a scale were found in the home.

No other details were given.