*NSFW local video of the clown(s) everyone is talking about.

In the first video I am aware exists from the QC area with these clowns, this was posted on Twitter just hours ago today. From what I gather, this happened last night.  *Warning: This video contains language that is not suitable for safe viewing at work or around small children*


And this one was spotted on 53rd in Davenport:


Clowns have been spotted all over the QC, including college campuses. WQAD.com reported security involvement at Augustana College in Rock Island.

Even Hurricane Matthew is showing signs of being scarier than a usual, destructive hurricane. This is freaking people out too:


Personally, I think everyone should take some lessons from Madea. What if all of this clowning around is really a way just to promote the new Madea halloween movie?