Well, we have officially made it to a point where those old VHS tapes have got to go. As of this month of July 2016 the beloved VCR is no longer going to be in production.

There's a company in Japan called Funai, this is the last remaining company in the world who produced VCRS, they manufactured them in China and then shipped them off to be sold under many names such as SANYO.

The most amazing part about all of this is the fact the company sold over 750,000 units just last year.

This is actually pretty big news, as a piece of technology that was once considered the future is now obsolete and in the past. Progress. But as for me you can come over anytime and see me fast forwarding through all the previews and that lovely FBI message at the beginning of every tape.

Dust of that copy of "Armageddon" and "The Breakfast Club" give them a good watch then dump them at your local pawn shop, the dream is over.

Please be kind and rewind.