This Des Moines, IA. news anchor's post about body image and swimsuits was speaking my language.

On any given, general day, I hate clothes. Clothing and I have had a love-hate relationship for as long as I can remember. So, when the word 'swimsuit' comes into the picture, you can pretty much forget about it. If anything is going to put me in cold sweats, panic attacks and anxiety that equals putting a cat who hates water next to water, then 'swimsuits' will do it.



On my vacation, I ended up doing a lot of things that made me generally, uncomfortable. It was risky to expose my vulnerabilities, insecurities and wear clothing I normally don't wear. Like more form-fitting clothing to workout and hike in. Many times I had to tell my friend, "Just make me leave the house or I won't."

How many women feel the exact same way? How many of you are tired of feeling so weighed down by the negative chitter-chatter in your head about how awful you look, then you feel awful, which leads to grumpy behavior, getting snappy at the people around you, making you feel worse and then ruining the activity to the point where you don't go? Ya, THAT. Including swimming and laying out.  I'm done and you should be too.

The pic above was hard for me to post. I am not as firm as I would like to be and have sustained some damage from pregnancy, birth and difficult recoveries that make it very challenging to flatten and tone certain areas. Those are my wounds and scars that I wear openly for everyone to see. I have been judged, harshly sometimes, for them. Being in a very public job doesn't make it any easier. However, when I look at my sweet daughter who tells me her 'safe place' and 'home' is my soft tummy, how can I be upset at a body that has been such a source of comfort for my babies?

Des Moines, IA. newswoman for Channel 13 WHO-TV, Erin Kiernan, finally says what every woman thinks and she has a piece of my heart for simply, just saying it.