Well as much as free money sounds like a great strike of luck, it appears it is the exact opposite when it comes to a new scam that is sweeping the nation.  This scam has been seen many places now, including right here in the Quad Cities and our surrounding towns.

The scam goes like this, the victim receives a letter in the mail claiming to be from WAL-MART and with the letter comes what looks like a legitimate check for $1,992.3. What the letter states is that you have been selected to be part of a quality control program and to go ahead and deposit the check into your account. What this actually does is somehow allows the scam artists access to your bank account which they go into and drain all of your money.

The Massac County Sheriff's department has posted photos of what the items that come in the mail will look like. Great for them to do that for our local community.

Like I said, free money is great, just be safe and smart on where it comes from guys.