It's bone-chilling cold this week. I get it. I've been searching for the fella who invented seat warmers so I can give him a hug.

No one likes to get in a cold car, especially first thing in the morning. Many of us will start the car and let it run until the heater has enough heat from the engine to function. For many, that means leaving the keys in the ignition, and if you're smart, the garage door open. After all, you don't want to asphyxiate yourself, right?

But, those conditions create the perfect environment for someone to steal your car. Our news partners at WQAD Newschannel 8 did an experiment and found it takes less than 12 seconds for a thief to jump in a car that's already on, put that car in drive, and speed away. Davenport Police say 382 cars have been stolen so far in 2016.

And according to Consumer Reports, warming up your car in the cold actually harms the engine.

So don't be the 383rd stolen vehicle of the year.  Bundle up, start the car up and go. Don't start the holiday season as the victim of a stolen, or damaged vehicle.