In an on-going series of asking Google about Iowa, there is much to discover when you ask, 'what?'

The other day, I started something. My curiosity (and apparent lack of time) has sparked 'those' questions. I started with 'why?' the other day and got something out of it. Now, it's just you, me, Iowa and Google. Get cozy.

What is Iowa known for?

The next time you use your Maytag washer. You can thank Iowa. The next time a 'Gallup' poll is cited, think 'Iowa.' Heck, the next time you watch Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, just know that the original Tonight Show starred Johnny Carson, who is also, from Iowa.

Find out 'what' dumb laws in Iowa that you have likely, already broken. For example, it is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in Iowa. True story.

What is Iowa basketball ranked?



Seriously! Cue sweaty palms and weird look on my face. I don't pretend to hide my lack of knowledge of sports (or my lack of care, for that matter, just ask Brad Paisley). No matter where I am, I sort of 'tune out.' I don't mean to. If I am really into the game, then I'm all in, but I have to 'be there' first. I enjoy sports and am impressed with the abilities of those who play.

I'll just leave that right there for you. I have no clue what those numbers mean.  All I know is, Iowa is really good, the guys at work love the Hawkeyes and I am a great cheerleader. Goooooo Hawkeyes! Big 10. I do know what that is.

What is Iowa state ranked?

This is just another one of those things. If you love sports, have at it. One thing I have learned (more likely forgot) from this question though, is that there are more than the Hawkeyes in the State of Iowa. The Cyclones are here too and that is a great 'what.'