An unlikely team was formed last night to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters in the QC. Get the fun in pics as you find out what QC baseball, radio and golf happens all at once!

I had so much fun, as I do every year, at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Putt-Around and Great River Hall. This year, instead of just puttin around with my co-workers, I engaged in a radio grudge match. I was intimidated at first, but once I implemented my super-secret-class-G5-rated strategy, things got very real.

The first hole we all golfed was devastating. I admit, it took me 10 or more strokes to even think about making it in the hole. I could hardly stand to disappoint Jay Rush like that. On the second hole, Andrew Chesser, GM for Quad Cities River Bandits, whispers to Kevin Walker from B100, "She can't screw this one up." And like clockwork, I putt and watch it bounce off the back of the display only to come back at me, giving me a chance to hit it and actually make it in.

The River Bandits' owner, Dave Heller, mentioned it looked like I was playing hockey. Let that one sink in your mind's eye for a moment. I play golf like I'm swinging a puck. And just like clockwork, Kevin didn't miss a beat saying to Andrew, "You don't know Joni."

I laughed because it's true. It's what my co-workers and I fondly call, "Joni-luck." Fourteen strokes behind, Jay Rush and I were feeling drab until... The magical hole 10, where we both got a hole-in-one! Dave Heller did too! Holla to the Hole-in-One Club! Jay went on to earn two more and I got one more at the Russell Construction hole! I danced a jig on that one!

How did I manage such a comeback? I switched hands! I putted with the opposite hand and it worked very well for me. Everyone had to admit it. While we only lost by 3 strokes, I have a new found strategy that works.

All I can say is, I want a rematch next year.