Not only am I happy to be home safely, but I can't get this anywhere else but the QC.

Traffic. There. Whew, I said it. I mean, where are all these people going?

I have always thought this on every single trip to L.A. but have never verbalized it until now. I can't believe the amount of cars, smog and people all living in the same place. It's so cram-packed, we had to leave hella early just to get anywhere. Yes, I just said 'hella' like a boss.

Lots and lots of people (you can't imagine) all on the interstates, every day, like it's no big deal that everyone is going, seemingly, no where, and right about 90 mph, too. I know, I know, everyone's got somewhere to go, including me. Comprehending that many people on top of one another makes it a bit claustrophobic-feeling at times. The semi next to you just a few feet from your face, well, that really does it for me. Or maybe it's the 6 lanes of traffic going one direction,at a dead stop, during a 2 hour rush-hour traffic jam.

The scenery is obviously, beautiful. Like a family photo album, I brought back pictures to share with you and I hope you enjoy them. I have a million stories about L.A. This is Malibu here at a Point Dume. It's a heavy tourist area and you can clearly see why. You are welcome, in advance, for the cute surfer pic. I had to. Also among my favorites in our 'family album' would be the Clark Griswold car. You'll see.

I had a great but busy time. I am super blessed I got to go. On my way to work this morning I just breathed in a big sigh, got back into my groove and smiled widely on the big open highway, thankful I was not stuck in rush hour.