I've heard of a lot of awards given in the QC but never a Gilhooly, until now.

The Irish heritage runs deep here in the Quad Cities. My family has the majority of our roots in Ireland and Scotland. My Dad has instilled this love of our heritage by sharing stories of our ancestors. Believe it or not, I was born with red hair, likely from my Irish great grandfather. I also got my dancing skills from him.


The Gilhooly Award was named after Bernard A. Gilhooly. Winners go back to 1998 on the St. Patrick Society's website.

This award goes to those in and around the Quad Cities who have the "undying persistence of the Irish people" in and around the outer lying areas. Winners receive a bronze statue of Annie Moore, the first Irish immigrant registered on Ellis Island.

Know of anyone Gilhooly-worthy? Nominate them at StPatsQC.com.