If you have been in Iowa City lately you may have walked over a cool piece of Iowa history and didn't even know it, and now a group of researchers are working on letting you know all about it.

This past Monday, crews lowered laser scanning devices down below Brewery Square in Iowa City on Linn St. that can create 3-demensional images of underground beer caves right below our feet. The information the researchers find will be used in UI classrooms and may lead to the possibility of tours for the general public, according to Mark L. Anderson, a research specialist with the Iowa Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

“People are really interested in archaeology, and it’s an easy sell,” Anderson said to the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

The technology that is being used sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi movie with lasers and flashing lights and is referred to as LIDAR. I cannot wait to see the pictures and 3D models that this device is going to create.

Defunct beer caves exist all over Iowa, and the research is just beginning here. Now we have the technology to explore and hopefully bring the past into the future. Next time you are out for a stroll, just think, there may be an entire new world right below your two feet.