This music video is a little fun, a little mischievous and even a little big sexy! The man shown in the still works at a motel where the singer is going for a little R&R. Do you think you may know this music video?

The catchy song that this video belongs to isn't very old; it was released in 2015 and it's crystal clear in HD! That makes the vivid colors look even better, with lots of bright blues and reds throughout. In the clip, the singer takes a road trip and winds up at this little motel where the man above works. Why's he giving that face? Because the singer wants to bring something in to the motel that isn't really allowed. But after a grin from the singer, he agrees.

Everyone in this clip is having a blast! From the singer, who catches a few rays by the pool, to the air guitar playing guy above, to even the booty shaking maid it's all about fun, fun, fun! When this video came out it was the talk of the town, because the singer showcased a smokin' hot bod!

Do you think you know this song? It's not an original for the artist -- it was originally released by someone else back in 2012 -- but the singer did make it a hit. Click below and find out if you're right before you try some more country music video trivia!