Every place in the world has a word that best describes it. What's the best word for the Quad Cities?

Over the weekend, I attempted to watch the movie Eat, Pray, Love (starring Julia Roberts) with my Mom. There was one part in the movie that got my attention. A group of friends were dining outdoors in Italy and they began discussing words used to describe different cities in different countries.

Of course, that made my think, "what word would describe the Quad Cities?"  The search was on.

While I wasn't quite able to pinpoint and find an accurate description for our area, I did find some words to describe each State.

Lisa Larson-Walker/Slate

grabowski (noun): a hard-working, tough, blue-collar individual

A true grabowski has no time for your linguistic squabbles.


I have NEVER, in my life heard of this word. I've heard of "Lebowski," as in 'The Big Lebowski' but not this 'grabowski' word. I'm lost. But do agree, IL. is blue collar (and in debt like a real blue collar state, too, sadly.)

kybo (noun): port-a-potty

Whoa, I gotta go! Where’s the kybo?



First, let me say, when I looked up this word as it appears on the cutesie little map, the acronyms that appeared made wonder even more:

KYBO Keep Your Bowels Open
KYBO Knock Your Block Off (game)