Helping people in need in the Quad Cities just got easier.

I recently started seeing this group on Facebook called QC Pay it Forward. I was deeply touched when I began reading all of the posts! There are so many people willing to give what they have to others in need. It has been one of the bright spots of  my week. With all of the negative news we hear, it is so lovely to be able to see the goodness in people.

What is so great, is that it's not only limited to physical items people need, it's services and help too. For instance, I saw a post from a woman who needed help with her brakes. She bought all the parts but needed the help of someone to get them on. I loved seeing the responses and willingness to help for little to no money.


These stories are really touching and it makes me also want to take action. It amazes me how much stuff we accumulate and sometimes, take for granted, that would mean the world to someone else.

I'm a bit of a cheerleader by nature, so to see our Quad Cities community come together to help one another, well, it either makes me want to cry or do cartwheels. It makes the Quad Cities shine a bit brighter.