It's Spring Break and today my 7 year-old is taking over my blog and studio.

She's been doing commercials with me since she was 2. Now, she's 7 and nearly a pro on-the-air. She likes to talk with me and talk about all the things going on here at The Hawk. 'Shy' is definitely not this girl's middle name nor does it have anything to do with her personality. In addition, she is fun, charming, well aware of her surroundings, observes everything and also tends to pick up on the teen sayings and behavior of her older sisters. It's hilarious most of the time, when needed, it isn't anything a good tickle-and-giggle-fest won't cure. After all, she is still seven. (I am not sure what my excuse is?)

Just watch her 'play radio' when she is here.

Blogging has now made it on her radar, so I told her she could take over. You can imagine the look on her face when I gave her 'the POWER.'

I asked her if she had anything to say to the Quad Cities, to everyone who listens to The Hawk and reads our blogs. Her answer?

So, I am going to talk about how it is when I go to work with my Mom, Joni Mitchell. On Spring break and on the weekends, I get to work with my Mom. My sisters come sometimes, but not a lot of the time. They just want to sleep in because they are growing up. They are not up for the challenge.

My mom leaves the house and drives to work. When she gets there, she eats a banana because she doesn't always have time to eat at the house. Then, she turns on the computer and starts talking into the microphone after she sets up her buttons and clicks the square button with her mouse on the computer. She talks in the microphone over and over again but takes teeny-tiny breaks, between.

I got to go to a meeting with my Mom. It was fun because they had food today.

So, that's how my days are when I go to work with my Mom, Joni Mitchell.