For every sunny day we have lately, I know there's no doubt, it's that much closer.

While I am doing all I can to enjoy these awesomely warm days in November so far, I can't help but know, our time is coming.

You know what I mean. The cold, snowy, dreary, grey/brown days of winter in the Quad Cities. Granted, there are some n-ice days too, but for the most part, if I'm being honest, the average winter days look like a crappy shade of grey. When there is sunshine, I'm a little more smiley about winter, but not much.


Do you hope we see snow soon? Are you hoping by Thanksgiving? (you know, that holiday between Halloween and Christmas?).

My good pal, Eric Sorensen, WQAD Meteorologist, has a good idea of when it is we may see some white stuff falling around Quad Cities.

"Let's consider the fact that an average November still only brings us 1.2" of snow in the Quad Cities. So we'll probably not get any of that. December typically brings us 9.3 inches of snowfall each year. And I think we'll make up for lost time by then. We may not get into a full-fledged winter pattern until the latter half of the month (as temperatures are expected to be slightly above normal), but if you're in the mood for something a little festive for the holiday season, it's more likely once we get a week or two into December."

Do you even know how truly happy this makes me? Did you hear that, Eric? You made my soon-to-be-winter day. I truly am not ready to let go of the fall yet. Nor am I ready for the tundra.