Get a bigger refund than you were expecting this year?  Here are some local places to spend your money.

RESTAURANTS: You already know the big time local eateries like the Machine Shed, Filling Station, Adolph's, and Happy Joe's.  But there are plenty more local joints with excellent food.  Click HERE to browse all the local restaurants the QC has to offer.

DEPARTMENT STORES: If you're looking to get away from the normal big box stores or big time clothing stores, there are more than a few options.  Von Maur was started right here in Davenport, Blain's Farm & Fleet is native to Iowa, Illinois and Wisconsin, OK's discount shop on Locust St. in Davenport is another local business.

SPECIALTY SHOPS: There are a ton of local places to get specialty items for your house.  Isabel Blooms are HUGE here in the QC and there are plenty of Isbael Bloom stores in the area.  Local furniture stores are also big business here.  Click HERE to check out all the local specialty shops in the QCA.