recent survey determined that only 50 percent of Americans can name all four Presidents on Mount Rushmore. Can you?


The answer is George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. People tend to omit Jefferson most often while erroneously including FDR and John Adams. Read more about that survey here.

For me, it begs the question, as we head into our "80s Feel-Good Weekend": who would be on your '80s Music "Mt. Rushmore"? My choices are as follows.

Daryl Hall & John Oates

There's a chance I was literally born listening to "Hall & Oates" (I've heard they don't like to be called that...they both have first names and they'd like you to use them. But they're always Hall & Oates to me) with "Rich Girl" being #1 that week, according to Billboard. My childhood allowances, gifts from grandparents, and first paychecks were spent building my music collection full of their albums, tapes and CDs.


Bryan Adams

Another gentleman I grew up listening to starting early. I finally had the chance (thanks to my cushy job in radio) to see him the last several years. He's still got it.


Bon Jovi...the whole band.

I get it. That makes too many people for a legit Mt. Rushmore. If forced to choose just one for that reason, it's Jon but they all need to be there. They haven't been the same since the tragic falling out between their namesake lead singer and former guitarist Richie Sambora, who has long since left the band, but he needs to be included.

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So who is on your "'80s Mt. Rushmore" of artists? You'll be likely to hear lots of them this weekend, when you tune in (don't forget to download our free mobile app) and celebrate Labor Day with the "'80s Feel-Good Weekend"!

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