I didn't realize what all he had going on under his clothes.

My day just got sweeter. Really. I had no clue this is what Keith Urban looked like without a shirt on (uhmm.....*drool*). His hotness factor just went up a few, steamy notches. As if he needed more factor to his hotness, this just did it. The tribal tattoos remind me he's from a different planet of men altogether. He is from a place where most of the greats live.

You'll thank me later for the video.

Oh! And he's coming to the iWireless Center October 27, 2016 in Moline, IL. along with Brett Eldredge and Maren Morris on his #RipChord World Tour. Look for it in the video. Can you spot the places you will go to see Keith Urban?

See me get up close and personal with Keith Urban at the ACM awards in Las Vegas a little over one week ago, live on the red carpet. (experience it about 13 minutes in to the video)