What is it that people Google the most about Iowa?

Does curiosity really kill the cat? I don't know if that is true. Based on that old adage, honestly, I'd probably be dead by now. 'Why' is one of my favorite questions. I was 'that kid' in school and at home. Curiosity is so second nature to me that I have become quite good at research. When you research, of course, you Google.

When I 'Googled': 'Why is Iowa...' this is what happened:

Naturally, I'd like to find some of the answers. Let's first try:

Why is Iowa called the Hawkeye State?


Pretty, cool, huh? This is an iconic story and a movie from the 1990's that is on the 'must watch' list.  I love the hidden histories we find within our home state. These little adventures of curiosity sure pay off when it comes to that list-of-knowledge-I-may-never-use-again-or-remember. It's fulfilling in the moment, I'll admit it. And then, there are the Iowa Hawkeyes. What else is there?

Moving right along to the next question:

Why is Iowa so important in elections?

This is something my daughter had just asked me as she was getting ready for school today. Since the caucus was recent, thankfully, I had a better answer mid-cup-of-coffee, than even I expected I would. No doubt, none of us in Iowa will forget the last caucus anytime soon. The girls and I got to babysit for a friend so they could attend and participate.

Just in case you need a little extra help to answer this question:


And lastly, this one is a no-brainer.

Why is Iowa so boring?

As if we've never heard ANY of these before. If you are seriously bored in Iowa, you haven't been curious enough to explore it. The Quad Cities alone has much to offer. Come on, there are so many things to do, being 'bored' doesn't have to be one of them.