Why March 4th isn't just another day.

When you see March 4th, 2016, it's just another day on the calendar. When I see it, it's a double-meaning. March forth. Go forward, seize the day, make a difference. Not tomorrow. Now. March forth.

March forth can be a day where you celebrate a new accomplishment, celebrate your first day of a lifestyle change or a day where you just know you are thankful to be living life, breathing air and seeing the sunshine peek through the clouds.

Today happens to be my niece's 1st birthday! March forth.

I also discovered there is a March Forth With Hope Foundation. What a great name of a place that helps families financially who are facing cancer or other life-threatening illnesses. This is way for the founding family to keep their daughter's memory alive by 'marching forth' and helping others.

Another group is wearing blue on March 4th to raise awareness for colon cancer. My life has been directly affected by that. My mother is a survivor and others I know are being directly impacted by it. Wearing blue, march forth, raising awareness.

March 4th is also trending online because it's Employee Appreciation Day. Hey bosses! *hint hint*



#employeeappreciation #lovethebling

Whatever the day brings, find a way to march forth. Find a way to make a difference and may March 4th mean something new to you, each and every year. xo