Being on your parents bad side is never a good place to be, but this Mom makes it a living nightmare.

Amy Adams, of Minnesota, alleges her daughter doesn't care about her grades, disrespects her family constantly, runs away from home and skips school on regular basis.

Evidently, Amy's daughter was just about to get her drivers license and was already the proud owner of a Dodge Ram truck.

Amy says she gave her daughter one more chance to keep the truck if she started to behave and show respect.  When her daughter skipped school again, Amy put the truck up for sale on Craigslist.

She even offered a $300 discount if the person who bought the truck was a student at the same high school as her daughter, saying she "would love for her to be reminded every day of the mistakes she's made."

Since creating the listing, Adams has been receiving support from all corners of the country.

I also think she's doing a great job of using today's resources to embarrass and punish her daughter, who obviously doesn't care about respecting herself or her family.