When I was a kid, my grandfather would always put out bowls of treats when we visited, Despite my mother's protestations, I would eat my way through cheese twists, pretzels, life savers, peppermints, caramels, but there was one candy bowl I tried once, and never went near again - Swedish Fish. I can still taste the first and last one I ever had. Super nasty.

Now, a holiday treat to perhaps match the nastiness of Swedish Fish has been released - Pickle-flavored Candy Canes.

If you're a pickle fan and prefer savory dill over sweet, then this might be up your alley. You can get a pack of six on Amazon for just $6.95.

Better yet, try Sriracha-flavored candy canes, if spiciness is more your thing. You can also buy Wasabi-flavored candy canes, just be prepared to take on the heat.

My grandfather would be thrilled.