I know people love to say "You are only as old as you feel." And while that is a really positive outlook on life well, it's not really true at all.

A recent survey recently found the average person thinks you have officially "grown up" at the age of 38, and they also went on to ask people what ages they felt you have become too darnn old to do certain activities or attend certain events. Here are a few highlights from the list:

1. You are too old to have a Facebook at the age of 49 (sorry dad time to let it go).

2. You are too old to wear skinny jeans at the age of 47. Is this for guys or girls(guys NO age is a good age to start wearing them).

3.You are too old to get a tattoo or belly piercing at the age of 38... Ummm not.

These are just a few that are on the list you can catch the whole list and story right HERE.

After reading this it makes me wonder what age I have to stop being covered in tattoos, while wearing skinny jeans, and sporting my favorite football teams jersey? Getting old better not be that boring. Here is the real question, are you ever too old to catch Pokémon?