One of my favorite experiences I had in 2020 was staying at a really cool Airbnb in Michigan City, IN. Sure Airbnbs are great for a quick overnight stay when you're traveling, but there's a whole different world of Airbnbs you might be missing out on. Some people go above and beyond to create and entire experience with their Airbnb.

These Geo-Domes in Wisconsin are basically like the winter version of "glamping". AKA glamorous camping! Here's a look at "The Ice Caves" in Oshkosh, WI.

Credit Airbnb
Credit Airbnb
Credit Airbnb
Credit Airbnb

Here's how the Airbnb link describes the listing -

Sleek, unique, and space-age cool… our geo-domes are a strikingly modern alternative to the Glamping phenomenon and provide remarkable space and comfort.  Whether you are luxuriating in the king size bed, or stoking the wood-burning stove, our out of this world glamping abodes are the modern way of enjoying the great outdoors.  These superlative, and simply outrageous domed shelters are designed and styled to offer the highest level of comfort with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Like I said before, Airbnbs are a great concept in general, but when hosts go to the effort to create entire experiences like this, the stay is even more special.

However, when hosts do put all of this effort in, the stay can be a little pricier than normal. An overnight stay in The Ice Caves will cost you $286 a night. But you're not just getting a bed to sleep on, you're getting an entire winter glamping experience.

You can check out more pictures and details on the listing here.


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